Who Will You Fall For?


Statistically by the age of 16 most people have already met the person they’ll go on to marry later in life. This show could possibly help YOU to find that special someone. It’s specifically made for children between the ages of 15 and 19, you’ll spend your entire summer with a hand picked group of people, also, new people may arrive later than you. There’ll be dates set for you by the producers but you won’t know who you’ll be eating with until you arrive at the hotel bistro. In the hotel, there’s a gym for you sporty people, a pool for the girls who’d rather tan, a 4 screen cinema in the basement of the hotel and a spa for the more romantic, also, if you’re into music, you can find random musical instruments throughout the lobby. There’ll be 2 people in each room, but only 4 rooms have a bed each, the other rooms only have one, which room will you get?

posted 2 years ago